Interior Fit out Companies In Dubai

The most trusted Interior Fit-out Companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Growing our profound reputation as one of the quality interior fit out companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi was not an easy task. Led by a reliable team of talented project managers, our experienced workforce delivers a self-advertising superior workmanship that truly speaks for itself. 

Today, McKleenz stands as one of the leading interior fit-out companies in Dubai. The Interior Fit-Out division is equipped with a unique team of professionals comprising of Dubai Municipality approved architects, Leed certified engineers, PMP approved project managers, experienced supervisors and technicians. We have successfully secured a promising market share in a highly competitive market, through our diversified participation in a wide range of interior fit-out projects including but not limited to luxury villas, restaurants, offices, retail outlets, hypermarkets, nurseries, clinics and hotels.

interior fit-out companies

Interior Fit out Companies Dubai 

Our Fit Out teams have an outstanding ability to translate even the most complicated design concepts into reality finishes. These end finishes are further revalidated and refined through stringent observation and de-snagging procedures that tackle the most challenging details, thereby ensuring conformance with the highest quality standards at every step of the implementation and closing phases.

Each of our interior fit-out projects is handled by a dedicated project manager who actively addresses the project requirements and devises a suitable project plan.  Additionally, the assigned project manager acquires the input of all project stakeholder proactively therefore ensuring timely completion, quality. Points of concern are escalated for clarification at an early stage in the project to prevent unnecessary delays during the implementation process and to minimize fallbacks midway through the project or towards the final handing over stages.

McKleenz is focused on making the most out of every budget allocation. Unlike other interior fits out companies in Dubai, we cater to a wide range of finishes from commercial to luxury high-end finishes.  Our unique Fit-Out strategy has time over time saved on significant cost implications. Today these strategies are adopted by all our project managers and constitute an essential part of our lessons learned on all projects. The finest materials are sourced and acquired upon client selection and approval. Long lead items are monitored closely to ensure that timely deliveries are established.

What makes our projects unique?

Over the years we have attained a profound reputation by being one of the most reliable interiors fit out companies in Dubai. Maintaining a solid reputation obliged us to preserve our growing market share by running the extra mile of ensuring greater value for money on every project we undertake.

So what makes our fit-out solutions end products unique? Aside from superior quality and sturdy finishes, we have an excellent reputation for timely completion. This is owed to the fact that all our projects are safeguarded from recurring errors or delays through our unique lessons learned documentation process. Being an essential part of the project management plan, this process is followed by the assigned project team and has over the years helped improve our performance by preventing previously experienced hurdles from recurring again on any of our projects.