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By choosing McKleenz, you are certainly hiring the most trusted interior design company in…


By choosing McKleenz, you are certainly hiring the most trusted interior design company in Dubai. Being ISO certified and backed by a team of talented architects and engineers, the company carries a profound experience of over a decade, creating perspectives that resemble the desired look and feel. We carry a profound history in achieving quality interior finishes that resemble interior design concepts accurately by turning them into impeccable quality end-products.

At McKleenz Interior Design Company, you will find peace of mind with our A to Z architectural services from concept inception onto expert material selection and eventually into a refined detailed implementation that perfects every element of the entire interior design. Our extensive expertise and commitment are guaranteed to transform our clients' expectations and suggestions into astounding new concepts and creations.


As a leading interior design company in Dubai & all over the UAE, we aim to provide durable finishes. We complement our quality interiors with quality MEP installations that add trust to your overall interiors. Our bespoke interiors are backed by profound in-house MEP engineering services to ensure that the surface beauty is backed by reliable building services such as cooling, lighting, power and sanitary installations. All these hidden services ensure that your interior end-product trustworthy. All MEP installations are performed by our group subsidiary McMaster LLC operating in the UAE since 2009 and having a solid track record of over 100+ successful projects.


Our aim to deliver outstanding finishes through close attention to details has grown our reputation as a quality interior design in Dubai. The details we focus on throughout the fit-out implementation process ensures that all elements are finished to perfection and that nothing is overlooked. Be it the corners, the trims, the crevices or the jointing lines, all material finishes are fitted perfectly in a rigid, durable and safe manner to leave you with the uncompromising signature quality that you truly deserve.

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Express your identity by adding value to your private villa interiors through the most reliable Villa interior design company in Dubai. Improve your daily home experience by adding luxury and style for a fresh and relaxing ambience. Our team of experienced interior designers are standby and ready to take your private villa interiors to the next level. We carry a wide range of interior design options that match your preferences and that can be tailored to suit your taste.

Choosing the right villa interior design Dubai based company can make a real value impact on your property. Whether you are looking to lease it out or to express your identity and style, McKleenz is an excellent choice. Improve your daily home experience by adding luxury and style for a fresh and relaxing ambience.

Our team of experienced interior designers are standby and ready to take your private villa interiors to the next level. We carry a wide range of interior design options that match your preferences and that can be tailored to suit your taste.





The recently growing attention and demand for kitchen Interior Design Companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi isn't a surprising thing. Why not anyways, when kitchens have always been every family's preferred spot for socializing over coffee or snacks? Kitchens have therefore become an integral part of every living space and the old concept of isolating. Separating the kitchen from the rest of the house is no longer a trend and definitely an outdated concept.

That said, kitchen interiors contribute generously to the overall rating of any premise and can impact the property value significantly depending on quality, contrast, selection of colors and finishes, altogether subsequently affecting a buyers’ decision on whether or not to go for a property. Need help with your new kitchen interior design in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Our long-standing experience and innovative concepts can truly make a difference. Making the most out of your kitchen space with the right balance of lighting, interiors and practicality can make all the difference.


Our architectural interior design experts create a valuable contribution to your restaurant interior design and particularly to brand recognition and to an overall cost saving on your budget. Aside from our innovative interior options that suit every budget, our extensive knowledge in governmental requirements save valuable time and effort. Industrial Restaurant Interiors with exposed ceilings create a unique casual socializing atmosphere.

Whether your restaurant interior fit-out is aimed at having a classy end result or a commercial one, you want to be sure that the spacing justifies the interior cost. Our experts have years of experience and play an excellent role in helping you make the right decision. The right interior ambience has a direct impact on driving business. Create a lasting impression and generate a worthwhile revenue by handing your project to one of the most trusted restaurant interior design companies in Dubai.


Our managerial involvement on a number of recognized F&B interior design projects include

  • Butler’s Chocolate
  • CNN Traveler
  • Shawarmanji
  • Camden
  • Brioche Doree
  • Seafood
  • YO Sushi
  • The Oyster Bar & Grill
  • Cafe Du Roi


Being the go-to experts for Clinic Interior Design Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we proudly participated and completed countless modern clinics and have empowered them with the most innovative technologies.

By incorporating the most innovative concepts and by ensuring compliance with DHA, HAAD and international standards and regulations, you can rest assured that your upcoming project is in safe hands. Our clinic interior design Dubai team understands the importance of balancing between authority requirements which must be met on one hand and achieving the desired look and feel with no compromise on the other hand.

The design process for any clinic must be fluent in considering inviting, hygiene and practical interiors. Additionally, the following considerations must be accounted for:

  • Finishes that are consistent, uniform and that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Adequate ventilation and air exchange in the HVAC installation to comply with essential standards and regulations for patient treatment rooms and operating theatres.
  • Promote anti-microbial material and paint finishes to prevent cross-contamination of frequently touched surfaces, handles, switches, drawers and filing cabinets.
  • Acoustic considerations and soundproofing to prevent noise dissipation from pressure or suction equipment rooms.
  • Considerations for filtered water and 99.99% fresh Air handling units.
  • Uniform lighting in accordance with recommended lux levels to ensure perfect visibility in patient diagnosis and treatment rooms.
  • Coordinating medical gas, power, water supply, drainage and media connections to dental chairs, medical equipment and assembly modules.


As an ISO certified company, McKleenz Interiors has established a recognized name in the office interior design stream, having catered to a large number of internationally recognized offices as well as numerous locally recognized brands.

Our office interior design experts provide the right advice on natural light, optimum spacing and finishes that provide the right ambience for effective and dynamic workplaces. Our professionals address essential inputs and considerations in order to provide a cost-effective office design while taking into consideration the following important elements: Office designs that maximize the infiltration of natural light during day time to promote energy-saving and to maintain a healthy ambience.

  • Lux calculations that ensure uniform lighting distribution to prevent blurring and dizziness over long working hours.
  • Driving positive energy and elevating work moods to maximize performance through our experts’ selections of material finishes and color contrasts based on proven scientific research.
  • Heat load calculations for optimum cooling and temperature control with the option to have smart controls for additional energy savings.
  • Office Interior Design finishes that account for privacy and confidentiality where necessary through noise criteria and sound attenuation elements.
  • Promote natural elements in every office design including indoor horticulture that drive positive energy and promote a natural work atmosphere whenever possible.
  • Incorporate a reliable and practical IT infrastructure with all essential ELV systems that facilitate document sharing, working remotely, secure data storage and multiple other important functionalities such as VOIP telephony, time attendance, CCTV surveillance, Lighting Control, Motion Detection and Access Control.